"Lock arms with the PHALANX!"!


As a knowledgeable solution resource to customers throughout the nation, I have built a solid reputation in the industrial silencing industry. My valued customers know me as a reliable consultative resource for managing, developing and acquiring business in these key areas:

  • Rotary positive displacement silencers
  • Vent silencers
  • Absorptive silencers
  • Separator silencers
  • Engine silencers
  • Air filter silencers

    I work with a diverse customer base, and have traveled coast to coast to open up new accounts, and establish partnerships with key decision makers.

    Throughout my career, I have successfully exceeded sales goals and broken sales records during periods of change management. My goal is to provide consultative services to you, my valued customer, based on my passion and dedication to the industrial silencing industry.

    I highly recommend that you build a working partnership with Phalanx Integrated Systems, Inc., a comprehensive provider of industrial noise and flow control solutions, from turnkey to ship.

    Phalanx will provide you with an honest, fair and confidential evaluation of your application, and advise you of the best manufacturer to place your work according to your needs.

    We will interpret, extract, write and rewrite specs from highly engineered bid packages in order to streamline the quote process and facilitate fast turnaround. Put your trust in Phalanx Integrated Systems, and you have my personal word, we will build and maintain a mutually profitable relationship.


    Ron Reynolds
    Managing Director
  • "Lock arms with the PHALANX!"